Cyber Cover

Question:  Does your business run on computers, internet, email-of course!
Are you kidding?!
Read on:
Third Party Liabilty has long been part and parcel of any business policy.
This covers any damage to person or property of a Third Party.
This type of cover is essentail for any business
However, in the new world there are other dangers lurking.
You come into your office, make a cup of coffee and start up your computer…..  you’ve been hacked!
Instead of a list of your clients, a grinning face stares back with some inane message.

How do you start to get going again, and , even more important, can you cover yourself for any loss of businessor damage to a client or Third party?

Answer: Cyber Cover
Cyber cover obviously relates to all large businesses ( Look at the current headlines: millions of credit card numbers stolen from Leumi Card and similar stories in US businesses)
However, it also applies to small and medium business as well.
 In short, anyone who has information systems that collect, store and process data. This includes a cash register, laptop, tablet and even a smartphone. All of these are connected to information systems and therfore open to Cyber attack.
The data could include:
Details of clients
Other parties connected to your bussiness
This information could even include Teudat Zehut numbers, credit card numbers and other sensitive information.

What does a Cyber policy cover?
1. Theft of Third Party information from your database and it’s use for potentially  harmful or criminal purposes.
2. Insertion of viruses into the information systems/databases of Third parties (e.g.: your clients, suppliers) through an “invasion” of your database, and the resulting damage.
3. Other types of damage - lies, defamation, rumors - any distribution of information that could harm the good name of your suppliers or clients that was spread, unwittingly, by you.
example: we just issued a policy for a furniture business that has a sophisticated computer system. If someone were to hack in, change plans, steal credit card numbers etc.- all this would be covered by the Cyber policy

Question:: What about my cost of cleaning up my system, my time lost, my ruined soft/hardware?
Answer: this is the next stage and within a few months the policy will cover for this as well.

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Premiums are very reasonable, give it some thought.