Insurance Brokers Are Your Advocate

As most of you know, there are 3 policies when it comes to motor/auto insurance.

Insurance can be confusing, complicated, and make your head spin, especially for new Olim in Israel. Just figuring out what you need is one issue and then trying to understand it in Hebrew is certainly another. The system is completely different than what you are used to.

The Value of a Broker

A broker is the liaison between the clients and insurance companies. Their objective is to find the client the best deal for insurance coverage after analyzing exactly what their client’s needs are in their stage of life. They explain each point of the policy and they carry out the necessary paperwork in a seamless way for the client.

Insurance Brokers, like Egert and Cohen, work independently from insurance companies. They have a choice of several products to offer, from several different companies, in exchange for a commission incorporated into the policy. They know the various insurance companies, their policies, and have gained the trust of these big companies because of their 35 years of service in the industry.

Working to Get Your Claims Paid

It is hard to understand all the nuances for each policy and how the payments work once a claim is submitted, especially in another language.
When you are experienced in understanding how insurance companies work and have a positive, long standing relationship, the broker is in a much better position to negotiate for you. At Egert we pride ourselves in helping the client file the claim and holding their hand through the process until payout.

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