Why you should listen to your insurance agent for car insurance!

As most of you know, there are 3 policies when it comes to motor/auto insurance.

  1. Bituach Chova (Compulsory Third Party)-this covers bodily injury to any driver, passenger, pedestrian who is injured in an accident.
  2. Bituach Makif (Comprehensive)-this covers theft, fire, damage to your car due to an accident or arson and third-party liability for damage caused to another car.
  3. Bituach Tzad Gimmel (Third Party Liability)-this covers damage to another car only.

Old cars do not need comprehensive insurance 

Many people who have old cars, choose to save money, and take out Bituach Chova only.

We had a few claims where these clients found themselves having to pay thousands of shekels out of pocket for an accident that they caused, and not having any insurance to pay for the damage to the other person’s car.

At least get Bituach Tzad Gimmel

We strongly recommend and warn all clients, who only have Bituach Chova, that without at least Bituach Tzad Gimmel, they will be liable to pay for any damage they might cause to another person’s car.

You do not want this claim
Your 2001 Subaru crashes into a new BMW…say no more!)

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