Motor Insurance


In Israel there are three types of motor insurance:

Bituach Chova – Compulsory Motor Insurance
This covers all personal injury which may occur in a motor accident, including injury to pedestrians and hit & run accidents.

Bituach Makif – Comprehensive Motor Insurance
This is cover for your car against theft, accident and fire, plus damage caused to a third party’s car or property. This includes emergency repairs and towing.

Tzad Gimmel – Third Party Motor Insurance
This is recommended for older model cars as it covers damage to other cars only, with no cover for theft or damage to one’s own car.


Prices for these three forms of insurance vary greatly from car to car and from company to company.In Israel there are 10 regular insurance companies and approximately 5 direct insurance companies,who all advertise incessantly, but how do you know if you are getting the best cover for your money?

At Egert & Cohen, we aim to give you reasonable prices through top insurance companies and dedicated service in case of claims. We don't offer the cheapest rates in town and we don't compromise on car protection, but we do aim to be the best when it comes to making a claim. (This can involve going to Small Claims court with you, tracking down "unwilling" Third Party offenders, and meeting with company managers to pay problematic claims.).

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