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We are unable to provide insurance cover in this case
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NOTE: It is not necessary to check “yes” if the medication is for cholesterol, hypothyroidism, ADD, blood pressure, sleep disorders, hormone treatment, allergies, birth control, vitamins or food supplements
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If one or more of the following options is checked off, you will need to send your doctors report to us at and then call to confirm receipt.

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If you answer YES, email us an updated certificate from the attending physician regarding the surgery, hospitalization/catheterization that you were advised to undergo, and regarding your current health and functional condition in this respect.
If you answered NO, you must purchase a rider for worsening of preexisting medical conditions
Have you been referred during the past 6 months to one or more of the following tests (not as part of routine tests) that have not been completed and a final diagnosis has not yet been determined: MRI, CT, colonoscopy, ultrasound, echocardiogram, carotid doppler test, stress test, Holter monitor * Yes No
If you answered YES, you will need to send your doctors report to us at and then call to confirm receipt.
Have you been diagnosed or have you undergone? *

When was the last event and/or surgery that you underwent due to this problem?

If you answered that it was during the past year, send us an updated certificate from the attending physician regarding your updated medical condition: diagnosis, medications, treatments and monitoring
If you answered that it was more than a year ago, you must purchase a rider for worsening of a previous medical condition
Are you currently pregnant? * Yes No
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We unfortunately cannot cover high-risk pregnancies under this policy.
Pregnancy week on date of departure:

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Cover Details
Do you require Baggage insurance? * Yes No
Do you require baggage insurance for family members? * Yes No
Cover for Laptop (loss or theft) *
($2 per day)?
Yes No
Cover for Cellphone (loss or theft)*
($1.60 per day)?
Yes No
Medical Evacuation
Earthquake Included
Winter sports


Yes. $7.00 per day
Extreme sports Yes. $1.00 per day
Winter/Extreme sports coverage dates From:
Regular trip cancellation due to medical reasons/death in close family (with a limited cover for Corona)?* Yes No

0-17: $0.30 per day
18-40: $0.35 per day
41-50: $0.70 per day
51-60: $1.10 per day
61-70: $1.50 per day
71-75: $1.70 per day
76-85: $2.55 per day
86-95: $3.85 per day
Trip cancellation with an extended coverage for Corona (up to $5000)?*
additional $3.50 a day from ages 0-95

This covers cancellation due to:
Having Corona symptoms before the flight
Testing positive before the flight
There is NO COVER for cancellation due to going into bidud
Coverage for extending or shortening the trip due Corona or Corona symptoms
Yes No
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