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In the past six months or currently up to the date of departure, have you been diagnosed with a medical condition which requires one of the following:
• Treatment (medication or other)
• Medical Supervision (which is not part of routine tests)
• Hospitalization

If you answered 'yes', it's advised to purchase coverage for a pre-existing condition.

Are you a candidate for one of the following procedures:
• Operation (excluding cosmetic surgery, skin, gynecological procedure, ENT)
• Transplant
• Blood transfusion
• Pain clinic
• Oncological treatments

If so please provide us with a current medical report.

During the past six months, have you been referred for a colonoscopy (not as part of regular tests), CT or MRI for medical examination or diagnosis?

If you answered 'yes', it's advised to purchase coverage for a pre-existing condition.

Are you Pregnant?

In order to be able to handle your request for insurance, additional medical information is required. To do this, contact ext 125. You must obtain a Medical report from the treating physician regarding the problem, the method of treatment and the current situation.)

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Medical Evacuation
Earthquake Included
Winter sports


Yes. $7.00 per day
Extreme sports Yes. $1.00 per day
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Trip cancelation due to medical reasons? Yes No

0-17: $0.30 per day
18-40:$0.35 per day
41-75: $0.50 per day
76-85:$2.15 per day
86-95:$3.20 per day
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